Whenever a program is executed on a server, it is loaded into the physical memory. If you run a resource-demanding script, or if you simply add more scripts on your Internet sites and you get a lot of visitors, you may encounter a situation where your VPS has not enough memory to run all the programs and freezes as a result, which means that your Internet sites will stop working properly and that the site visitors will start seeing error messages. To avoid this sort of a scenario, you may take advantage of the RAM upgrade that we are offering and increase the amount of physical memory for your use without changing the entire plan. That way, you could pay only for the resources which you actually need instead of for additional disk space or higher Processor speeds that you shall not really use, for example. With the upgrade, you could guarantee the sleek functioning of your Internet sites, which also means a better experience for your website visitors.
Additional RAM in VPS Servers
You can take advantage of the RAM upgrade at any time with any one of our VPS server solutions. If you know in advance that you will require more memory, you can add it during the Virtual Private Server order procedure with a number of mouse clicks. In case you need RAM once your server is working, you shall be able to add the required amount just as quickly through your billing Control Panel. Due to the fact that our system is convenient, you shall have the opportunity to buy memory in increments of 128 MB, therefore you can get as much as you require at any time and you'll be able to add RAM as often as required provided the first upgrade is not sufficient. There shall always be free memory on the physical web server where your virtual server is created, as we ensure that the unused resources will be sufficient for any Virtual Private Server account to be upgraded significantly, regardless if the upgraded characteristic is the disk space, the physical memory, etcetera.