Whenever you upload data on a web hosting server, it will need a certain amount of space on the hdd depending on its particular size. When you manage a script-driven internet site which stores its info in a database, it will require more disk space, the more people use it. For instance, if you have a discussion board, the more responses people share, the greater the database will get. E-mails, particularly ones using attachments, also take some space in the web hosting account. The disk space quota that you will get with your cloud website hosting supplier is the amount of information you could have at any given moment, it incorporates website files, email messages as well as databases. Likewise, a personal computer has a hdd and the computer software installed on it along with all documents and / or music files that you generate or download require some storage, which cannot exceed the total capacity of your hard drive.
Disk Space in Cloud Website Hosting
To match the processing effectiveness behind all our cloud web hosting packages, we've studied and employed the very best solution for the disk space - your hosting account will not be generated on a single server, but on a cluster platform. For that reason, what we've made is a large cluster of servers which is centered on the file storage only, consequently you should never be worried about not having enough space and having to migrate to an alternative server because your existing one is unable to accommodate more data. If an additional space is required, we simply add more machines to the cluster, so that the storage space is virtually limitless. Of course, all of our Linux cloud website hosting service are intended to be employed for web sites, not for a repository of big files. We also have different machines for the databases and the email messages.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you obtain a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you will not have to concern yourself with the hard disk space that you can use for the simple reason that this characteristic is limitless. In contrast to many other website hosting suppliers who promise the same service, yet make accounts on a single machine where only so much hard drives can be fitted, we work with an avant-garde cloud platform which uses groups of servers. All of your files will be kept on a single cluster, the email messages on another, the databases on a third one etcetera. This type of system offers 2 major advantages - first, the disk storage can never finish because we are able to attach more servers to any cluster that needs them, and second, the servers will function much more effectively for they'll take care of only one kind of system processes. A semi-dedicated server plan offers you the flexibility to enhance your web sites as much as you'd like.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
The HDD space that we provide with our VPS servers differs depending on the package that you pick when you sign up. Using a more powerful server, you'll be able to effortlessly run an array of sites, that means extra content, thus the higher the VPS plan, the more hard drive storage you'll have available. Switching from one plan to another requires just a couple of clicks and it will not involve any service interruption. Your website databases, files and emails will share the the whole amount of space the server contains, however if you'd like to have preset allocations, you'll be able to pick cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel throughout the ordering process. Each of the instruments will enable you to create hosting accounts with restricted hard disk storage and if needed, even to allocate space from one existing account to a different one. Using the third solution that you will find on the order page, the Hepsia Control Panel, all domains will share the storage space.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
When you use Linux dedicated servers you'll get all the hdd space that you'll need for your web sites, databases, e-mails and apps. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage space will be at your disposal and not shared with anyone else, thus you will be able to upload any content you'd like - web site files, personal or company archive backups, and so on. You will get no less than two separate hard disk drives that function well in RAID, so one of the drives will mirror the other one in real time to guarantee that your precious info is always secured. If you prefer, you can use the drives independent of each other and employ the entire storage space the way you see fit. If required, you can get supplementary hard disks attached to your server to get even more storage space. You'll have the option to set up hosting accounts with pre-set hard disk space quotas if you order your server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the web hosting Control Panel. Selecting Hepsia, which is the 3rd Control Panel choice on the order page, all of the domains hosted on your server will share the HDD storage space and they'll be operated via a single account. In either case, our dedicated packages will meet all of your requirements whatever the type of website you intend to host.